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About Us


The Friendship Food Company was founded in 1997 and is based in British Columbia. Our President and CEO, Roger Milad has been with the A&W family for more than 30 years. His strong leadership and extensive experience is at the heart of all the company`s strategic decisions, and propels excellence in day-to-day operations.

OUR Vision

We are an outstanding food services company where each operation/business unit serves as a model of excellence.

OUR Mission

Through our inspiring work environment and awesome business practices,
we 'wow' each customer with perfect food, impeccable service and sparkling facilities
that generate memorable experiences and enduring loyalty.


Our Company has grown considerably over the years. We are proud to be a group of 22 restaurants, employing over 500 team members. We are truly committed to delight each and every guest by serving food they can feel good about. Our achievements are driven by empowered employees who are thriving in our exceptional company culture. 

We are poised for a continuous growth as evidenced by the results of our carefully crafted business strategy that focuses on the key components for a successful enterprise:

  • People

  • Quality of Service

  • Guest Satisfaction

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